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Must first cross into the interior LED lighting commercial lighting

From the 1960s the first commercial LED market has been, LED commercial lighting in the room has been used for over 40 years. Indoor commercial lighting in the early development of our knowledge to use from, after a long road. With modern commercial development, LED lighting used in a growing number of industries, indoor commercial lighting as an essential element of the development, interior LED lighting to become recognized as an important aspect of future development. LED interior lighting applications focused on commercial lighting, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels and other commercial establishments, the use of lighting products for a long time, conservative estimates from eight in the morning into the night half past ten, at least fourteen hours Use lighting time.

From the world"s tallest building, Taipei 101, to the extravagant Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel; from the most prestigious Hilton Hotel in Australia, to the warm comfort of the Guangzhou White Swan Hotel; from China"s Great Hall of the solemn, classical to modern architecture, Sweden Marr Mount rotating building; from international brands large supermarket Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Trust-Mart, Auchan, etc., to large domestic chain Gome, Suning, Vanguard, RT ... LED interior commercial lighting products which are shining , shiny. LED energy saving, long life, multi-purpose, etc., well received by large public buildings, offices and hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets and other commercial establishments are used, shows that market demand for LED interior lighting large.

With the comprehensive promotion of low-carbon economy, energy saving has become a major trend of the times, due to energy-saving LED lighting products, environmental advantages, coupled with "five" plan, the Ministry of Science and the Ministry introduced to speed up industrial restructuring, to promote green energy industry development policy, LED has been incorporated into the national "five" key support to promote the project, the development of LED lighting has a certain role in promoting it.

It is understood that the 2011 International Exhibition LED interior lighting and commercial lighting industry as a professional indoor exhibition on 21-23 September 2011 Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion exciting exhibition, the exhibition was organized by Shanghai Lighting Industry Association, Association of Asian Construction Technology Alliance Grandeur Exhibition Group and Hong Kong jointly organized. Development of the industry, with many factors, which is essential for the publicity and promotion. New era of development, promotion variety, the most effective new form of direct promotion in the form of non-show must go.

LED landscape lighting in the city has broad application, if a breakthrough in commercial lighting, display their energy saving, durable advantage, which gradually open up a broad space for indoor lighting, LED lighting will enter homes. LED interior lighting with the hope that business activity for the LED interior lighting industry to bring new opportunities. From the LED commercial lighting-related businesses, designers, experts and dealers gather together in the Expo Hall in September, showing excellent products, designs, classic case, exchange information and trade cooperation, which will for the LED lighting in commercial promotion of a positive impact on the field.

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