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LED lighting applications to expand full of unique
Lighting equipment, safety and reliability of its product development play a very important protection. Since most of the production and the workplace is flammable and explosive hazardous area, which determines the unique requirements for lighting products. LED lighting is mainly used in the following areas:

Petrochemical plant area

Main towers, tanks, pipelines and other outdoor or indoor equipment, local area for the instrument lighting equipment or walkways, etc., the configuration of lighting is generally 2-4 meters in height, illumination about the general requirements for 20LUX. Because most of the area as a zone or zone 0, the most stringent performance requirements of explosion-proof lighting, explosion-proof above the basic requirements of class, mostly outdoor areas requiring lighting have a good waterproof, corrosion resistance, while most of the region as well as a few meters meters of altitude on the area of ​​high pressure and temperature, lighting replacement and maintenance extremely difficult. Before the advent of the LED lamps are used in business is essentially self-ballasted mercury lamp or low pressure increased safety explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, there is a low level of proof, waterproof performance, poor low light efficiency, especially in light short life, poor security, change frequent maintenance of large multi-causing high-altitude operations, when an electric shock, falls from a height of the incident, so there is a significant security risk. Intrinsically safe LED lamps and long life completely solved this problem, the security needs of the industry determines the application of LED lighting has a great potential for development.

Routine maintenance and emergency lighting class

Main pipeline, equipment inspection, sudden emergency such as explosion-proof LED lamps need to move classes. Previously used a halogen lamp as light source portable battery lights, they not only proof low performance, short life bulbs, batteries consumed in large quantities, and low brightness, and shorter working hours. Explosion proof LED flashlight and LED searchlight with its high brightness, long working hours, maintenance staff, etc. become the new darling of the petrochemical and phase out those traditional emergency lighting. Mounting height of 3.6 meters, three different typical light source: 125W self-ballasted mercury lamp, 2 * 20W fluorescent, 19WLED light. Test data for comparison: the effective diameter of 4 m illumination range of illumination and power consumption compared two sets of data seen from the above data, LED lighting applications in the petrochemical industry has a very big advantage, it is only the view from the illumination and energy efficiency of. If you count the use of LED lamps and social security benefits after.

Pumping stations and other indoor equipment area

Mainly for pumps and other indoor equipment, lighting equipment and instrumentation for the region, the configuration of lighting is generally 4-6 meters in height, illumination requirements for 30LUX so. Because most of the area zone 1 or zone 0, also for explosion-proof lamp, waterproof performance requirements are very strict, and block the formation of the lighting facilities corner lot, large volume of previous lighting installation to the formation of complex non-uniform illumination and glare . LED lamps are small in size and nature of white light to make installation and maintenance, light place simple and comfortable.
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