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Comprehensive Analysis of LED lighting design ideas
1962 light-emitting diode (LED) was invented, the initial applications are likely to focus on the instrument display purposes, and then gradually extended to the 3C products backlight and lighting. With the application of the market and the gradual increase in size in recent years, LED technology in a variety of manufacturing and materials, than in the past have a more rapid progress, LED interior lighting design more and more related to the industry"s future development .

First, the interior lighting needs and use the invention of incandescent lamps, have a few hundred years of history, the functional requirements for lighting, lighting in the form, type of lighting objects, with in-depth understanding of lighting situations, but also designed many different lamps. Overall, according to the different light, can be divided into four stages: the fossil fuel stage, a stage tungsten, fluorescent and LED stage lighting stage.

From the above mentioned style and performance of these lamps can be seen, each light source will cause a revolution in use, habits of great change, and increase the scope and use of new methods.

Second, the design of the different angles

So what should we make LED lighting design to its proper height, so that the public in addition to the price received, but also to believe that LED lighting products can provide a more enjoyable life? Some lighting in the first principle of things not a big change, still has great reference value.

Lighting needs of mankind in general, including four areas: site lighting, objects, lighting, lighting scenario, instructions and guidance lighting, according to the illuminated material is divided into different planes of light type, line of light type, light type and concentrating investment. In addition, sometimes people need direct sunlight to the surface of an object or illumination, illuminated objects of illumination, a sense of contrast is high, which is called direct radiation. Sometimes the light will need to first exposure to a surface, then reflected the need to be illuminated object or surface, this is known as indirect lighting. Such light is usually soft, the range would be more widely diffused. Lighting designer needs to be different according to different product designs.

In addition to considering different lighting needs, a number of design ideas you can use, easy to cut:

1, attempts to free the structure and exterior design

With the LED heat problem tends to weaken the power circuit design more simple and effective. Structure and size restrictions are gradually fading. Such conditions for the exterior design of LED lighting is more abundant freedom to use the place more broadly. LED lamps have access many other traditional lighting sources can not enter the premises, provided these sites can not be achieved before the light demand.

Control the LED with the design flexibility, whether they are using subtraction designed to reduce costs and increase price competitiveness; or addition with a beautiful design to add a variety of attractive appearance, visual stimulation desire to purchase, are persuaded to buy LED home to accept a good way.

2, provides more flexible control options

The multicolor LED and rapid response characteristics, control performance is far superior to other light sources. So we can control the lighting requirements and performance limits of traditional light sources the gap between the two, the LED light source designed to reach out the other, but to meet the public want to have control performance of the lamp. Such as variable color temperature, adjustable light, according to the wisdom of lighting situations automatic response.

In addition, for those who like to play with a variety of high-tech products who offer a free set of LED lighting control. For the not so obsessed with high-tech people, you can design simple to get a finger lamps. Need to be light to create an atmosphere of different situations, emotional adjustment, the people, through good design of the LED lamps to achieve the desired effect. Previously required a variety of accessories, complex control circuits professional lighting effects, and now all can be reduced into a general household, commercial lighting. These are areas of expertise have been dazzling feature, you can choose whether the consumer purchase decision-makers, convinced he has a higher value products.

3, built with a combination

LED lamp structure is simple, add to the load on the lower supply line, and the light point, which makes the design of LED lighting fixtures over other light sources more easily, more suitable for other devices and equipment built within, or is its own cluster to form large-scale installations.

The new built-in possibilities, allowing the device or devices easier to use, or have not previously been lighting performance. LED-backlit display and mini refrigerator, cabinet LED lighting is a good example. The cluster approach is to use LED light to create a new environment and expression. Do not significantly change the line or cut of the original space, increased by only relying on LED lamps can create a fantastic effect.

The direction of the cluster from the built-in LED product development thinking, can effectively avoid the intense competition to find business opportunities in new areas.

4, nevertheless

LED light source and other differences, in applying the traditional light source light being, will have many shortcomings, such as glare, poor heat dissipation, light type is not the United States and other issues. Therefore, applying the traditional forms of lighting in the design, we should note that the methods used to avoid these shortcomings; if conditions permit, or even should be based on the advantages of LED, and the previously mentioned basic lighting needs, to make a new lighting design.

If you can grasp the LED characteristics and advantages and disadvantages, coupled with the right design concept can make LED products, whether in appearance, light type and use emotionally, showing more attractive than traditional lamps.

Note also that, although the LED lamps because the size relationship between the great power of heat is often concentrated in a small area in the range, if the design of the above do not have the traditional high temperature lamps such as general, to protect the human body to avoid burns with the design, opportunities that will result in significant increase in accidental injuries. In addition, a large intensity of light pushed smaller than a traditional light source light point above, so that light can cause visual damage may have been less than a laser. Therefore, the design of the LED lighting above, or there are many to note.

LED lighting industry is currently the blind pursuit of strong intensity, paranoid to believe that a technique must be mainstream, often ignored lighting should be the pursuit of feeling good light, can people really use the light. Professional and technical description of the data difficult and can not attract most people to accept the value of LED lamps. Objective consideration and analysis of user needs, and then based on the merits of LED technology to find the balance between cost and performance, is to make the price has not yet entered the popular stage of the LED lighting market to speed up the method.
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